By brewing our own spirits and having regular Brew Not Bombs homebrew parties, we raise money for grassroots political projects while providing an alternative to mass produced corporate products. Typically, beers at homebrew parties run from $1.00 a pint to $5.00 all you can drink.  With these donations, the cost of ingredients is covered.  All proceeds above and beyond the cost of ingredients are re-distributed to environmental and political projects both locally and around the globe.  By brewing it yourself (B.I.Y) and bringing your own cup to parties, you save resources wasted on massed produced bottles, cardboard and excess packaging.  BNB offers a good alternative to store bought beer styles, at lower cost.  On top of the environmental and political issues, Brew Not Bombs is a great way to network, socialize, and best of all, have fun!
**Our latest zine is now avaiable for download in .pdf (Approx. 1.5MB)**
Zine  Issue 2


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