Why does Brew Bombs ask for donations?  First off, We haven't gotten to the point of growing our own hops and barley, so we have to buy them somewhere.  Your donations help us to buy the malt and grains used to make the brew.  Donations also make future events possible.  Since it takes time (at least a month) to brew a good quality batch, we need to get all the ingredients together way before our events.  Any money collected (not used to purchase ingredients) is sent to local and global activist groups to aid them in their struggles against Capitalism, tyranny and environmental injustice.  Brew Not Bombs is just one way to free ourselves from the market system of blind consumerism.  We collect donations for our project under the capitalist system until the day we eliminate the money economy.

    We encourage people to start their own local chapter of Brew Not Bombs and join our battle for freedom, justice, and the Ultimate Amber.  Please contact us for advise, recipes, suggestions, or comments.