Brew Not Bombs was built on the idea that we can create a free society based upon cooperation, self-sufficiency, and equality.  We believe in living in harmony with each other while avoiding unnecessary waste and harm to our ecosystem.  In BNB Baltimore, we brew all our beer, wine, and cider ourselves using all natural, vegan/vegatarian ingredients.  Brewing It Yourself (BIY as we like to call it) is a revolutionary act of freeing ourselves from the mindless grips of capitalist consumerism.  BIY and homebrewing in general  provide an alternative to corporate products which are mass-produced, ecologically destructive, and generate large profits for the rich through worker exploitation.
By using natural ingredients, we guarantee that our brew is of the highest quality.  Each one of our brewing creations is totally free from animal ingredients, too.  By being directly involved with the brewing process, we can use our imaginations to invent our own beer styles.  No longer are we subject to consuming what the market systems tries to force upon us through misleading advertisements and sexist stereotyping.
We try to create as little waste as possible when we brew our batches.  When we bottle, we re-use pop-top glass bottles that we've collected over the years, as opposed to buying new glass.  This saves energy and eliminates excess waste.  Even recycling glass creates pollution and uses unnecessary energy, so we choose to reuse!  For homebrew parties, we keg our batches using old soda kegs that are available at local homebrew shops.
Brew Not Bombs Baltimore (BNBB) hosts homebrew parties where people can come together, socialize, and enjoy our homemade concoctions.  BNBB provides a forum for free thought and creative activity in order to inspire others to take back their lives and derail the capitalist treadmill that treats humans as mindless consuming robots.  Our planet cannot sustain the current rate of unlimited mass production of disposable goods.  Its time to start living simply by making our own food and beverages.  By making our own wares locally, we are saving energy and reducing the pollution caused by the distribution of goods over great distances.  It is important to keep things on a human scale, where everyone can share in the benefits of working together, learn from the experiences of each other, and eliminate the money grubbing capitalists that profit at our expense.  Think globally, and drink locally!